indoor gardening tips

Not everyone has a spacious lot to setup their landscapes and garden. Here at Espontaneas, we will help you solve the problem with the help of indoor gardening that will make your space very relaxing . 

Indoor Gardening Tips

Plant Types

There are specific types of plants that can thrive to the condition of indoor space.


Indoor garden plants may have specific needs compared to others that you must know



Pots, tools and other things tou need for taking care of your indoor plants can be found here

Be inspired by nature with the space of your home

Indoor gardening basics

How to set up

Base on your space, learn how to setpu your indoor garden.

Useful tips

Bits and pieces of advice you can check out for your indoor garden plants since they are different from each other


Where to order plants, pots and other things you need for your indoor garden. Check online

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indoor gardening service

You can schedule a visit so we can take a look of your indoor garden and help you set it up or anything we can do that you need help of.

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